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Efficient strategies with yield-bearing collaterals

Protocol details

How Neuron Pools work

Step 1

Deposit an asset such as ETH or WBTC

Step 2

Pool's funds accrue Curve liquidity rewards while covered options are used in perpetual strategy

Step 3

Option strategy return plus liquidity provider rewards generate composed yield


Neuron strategies annual yield is the sum of Curve/Convex liquidity pool APY and option strategy APY

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Why Neuron?

Option pools

Option trading strategies tuned to earn an additional yield automatically on assets you are bullish 🚀

Compare Neuron USDC Yields*

* ETH Put Selling + Curve FRAX Liquidity pool

Your deposit



You will get in 1 year


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Audited by Pessimistic

We are obsessed with security

Safety of funds under management is our top priority. Neuron contracts audits will be published soon.

Composed return

Neuron Option Pool runs option strategies (10-20% APY) while earning additional return farming Curve liquidity rewards (5-15% APY). The final yield is summarized.


What is Neuron?

Neuron offers structured products (Pools): strategies that help user perpetually buy and sell derivatives and get yield. Different from structured products ever created, portion of Neuron Pool’s deposits also earn interest in Curve or similar money-market, so user can expect double yields on the same capital.

How Neuron Pools work?

Simply deposit and forget, then come to see your yield. After deposit, Pool starts selling options (collateralized by deposits) and/or buying options (on pool’s funds) according to the algorithmic strategy. For example, ETH covered call strategy earns much more if ETH goes up, a little less if ETH goes up unexpectedly fast, and the same if ETH goes down.

Depositing in Neuron Pool = delegating the need to buy, sell and re-roll derivatives every week. Just watch your assets grow.

How is Neuron different from NAME finance?

In Neuron option strategies, assets simultaneously earn yield in money markets (Curve, Convex, Aave, etc.), so the user gets additional yield: from liquidity providing and from options strategy.

Wait, you said my 3crv+FRAX deposit in Curve liquidity pool can be used with your strategies for added APY?

Yes. Your 3crv+FRAX liquidity deposit can be used in some pools, Put Selling for example. Your APY will be the sum of Convex 3crv+FRAX APY and Put Selling strategy return. Just choose 3crv+FRAX Curve» as liquidity pool on strategy’s page.

Is the protocol DAO-controlled?

Yes, Neuron is DAO-owned from the first day. The community owns more than half of total NEUR supply.

Will you deploy on L2/other chains?

We do have such plans and will definitely keep everyone updated 🚀